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  • Cleaning a Newly Constructed Villa... Owners Pay Attention!

    Cleaning Services in Dubai UAE: Is Deep Cleaning of your  Newly constructed Villa on your mind right now? You have recently constructed your new Villa or has refurbished an existing one or done fit-outs in the new office, Clinic or a Restaurant. And are looking for a professional Cleaning Company in Dubai. To help you move in a Spick n Span preferably Sanitized place. There are many such Cleaning Services in Dubai UAE. Who would do a fabulous job for you. However, there are things you as the [...]

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    EXPO 2020 - Dubai we wish you good luck!

    Expo 2020: Dubai is moving full steam ahead to impress the world with its eagerness and readiness to host the most prestigious event that is called Expo 2020. The countdown to the date of announcement of the winner city has started. There is an air of anticipation everywhere. If you talk to Government officials and Private Businessmen. There does not seem to be a shred of doubt as to who will get to host this prestigious event. Dubai is it - the unanimous answer! There is a widespread Public [...]

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    Cleaning after Eid & Special Occaisions

    Cleaning after Special Occasions: First of all Eid Mubarak to all our readers, customers, and networking friends in Dubai and elsewhere. I am sure all of you are enjoying the blessings that Eid brings to all of us. Right now we all are busy entertaining guests and visiting our near and dears. Visitors and especially children would leave a lot for you to do in terms of cleaning. Do not worry there are a lot of good Cleaning Companies in Dubai that will clean your house. There is however only one[...]

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    We Love Cleaning Villas in Dubai

    Cleaning In Dubai: Dubai is back on track, if not surpassed the Pre-Global Economic Crisis levels. New projects are being unveiled, New businesses are being launched and of course, new residents are moving in Dubai. We are the first witness to all this activity as we are often the first choice Villa Cleaning Company in Dubai for new and old residents alike. Just today we had an ocular inspection of a huge 20-Bed Emirates Hills Villa. Mangrove Cleaning Services is their First Choice Cleaning [...]

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    Potential Breeding Grounds for Bacteria, Dustmites & Bugs

      Steam Cleaning: Public Places like Mosques, Churches, Cinemas, Theaters, Majlises, Community Halls etc. They need steam cleaning for Carpets and Upholstered items periodically and regularly. Wherever there are lot of Carpets, Upholstered items, and people gather regularly. These places are the potential breeding grounds for Bacteria, Dust mites, Fungal Spores and Bed bugs etc. These places, are normally dark and not properly ventilated. You might clean them but they need proper [...]

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    New to Dubai? Ask if you are not confident about something!

    Cleaning services In UAE: "I wish I knew it earlier", "Only if I had met you before", "I did not know that - I am new to Dubai" .... these are some of the most frequent expressions that we hear from our clients who have just moved to Dubai. Sometimes it is regarding delays while dealing with Government bodies like DEWA (Dubai Water and Electricity Authority), Etisalat, Du etc. for Service Connection, sometimes it is regarding delays by contractors in performing agreed jobs and sometimes it is [...]

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