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  • Bragging Rights

  • Mangrove Cleaning Services:

    Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C. Dubai is proud to announce a brilliant 2013. We increased our revenues more than 2.5 times at the closing on 31/12/2013. The year was also very significant as we shifted our focus back to our strengths i.e., Deep Cleaning Services using Steam Cleaning Technology. We mustered the courage to…

    1. Not to renew the periodic service contracts that we had with our clients
    2. Decline Janitorial Service Requests
    3. Decline Maid Service requests
    4. Resist temptations to offer Traditional Cleaning Services using Mop and Bucket. Instead, we perfected art and science of Steam Cleaning in areas that were considered the sole domain of traditional cleaning.

    We are continuing the momentum of 2013 into 2014 as well. January 2014 was the best month of revenues ever so far as Revenues more than doubled than those of January 2013. We plan and hope to again double our Sales by the End of 2014.

    We are thankful to our patrons and clients for trusting and encouraging us to continue the good work that we are doing in the realm of Green Cleaning. Nothing satisfies us more than when we hear “Wow, I have never seen better cleaning than this” or “Thanks God we found you, the previous company was horrible!”

    We shall continue to work on our Blue Ocean Strategy where Competition is rendered meaningless. Mangrove is one of the most relevant Cleaning Companies in Dubai when it comes to Deep Cleaning, After-Construction Cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Moving-In and Moving -Out Cleaning Services. We are 100% green Cleaning Company in Dubai as we use no chemicals and save massive amounts of water. We save our planet and its precious resources.