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  • Can a Dirty Mop Clean? How about Steam Cleaning!

    Say Yes to Steam Cleaning with Steam Machines and No to Chemical based Mop and Bucket style cleaning.  No matter how professional a cleaning outfit is. If they use Mop & Broom as tools to clean homes, they are putting the family's health at risk as a dirty mop does not clean but just spreads the germs around. If they use chemicals to sanitize surfaces. They are risk for our families.  Our environment is also at risk. Chemical Effects: Chemicals destabilize fragile balance in our [...]

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    #Dubai is 'The Destination' and we Clean Dubai

    Named Places Dubai has emerged as one of the finest cities in the world. Burj Khalifa - to date The Tallest Building in the World. Dubai Mall, The Largest Mall in the world. Burj al Arab The First 7-star Hotel in the world. Emirates Air, the Best Air Lines of the world for many years and operating the largest wide-body airplanes fleet. Dubai Airports probably the best and the busiest Airports and numerous other places of interest... Oh, I forgot to mention the Palms and The World, the man [...]

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    Why Steam Cleaning?

    Steam Cleaning is more effective as compared to conventional Cleaning. Following points would highlight this statement: Technology: Steam Machines with all the accessories used in Steam Cleaning represent State of the art Technology. These machines deliver dry steam (5-7% moisture content) at temperatures of 140-degree centigrade. The built in extraction function adds to the effectiveness of these machines. Sanitization: Steam Cleaning aims at not only cleaning the surfaces but to [...]

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    Steam Clean

    Greetings from Mangrove Cleaning Service! At Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C. Dubai, we offer a range of Steam cleaning services for all domestic and commercial customers.  We are a fast growing company and we serve many commercial and residential customers in Dubai Marina, JBR, JLT, Al-Barsha, The Greens, The Springs, Meadows and Arabian Ranches etc. We are pleased to announce “STEAM CLEAN” service in selected areas of Dubai: It is pertinent to understand that Steam [...]

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