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  • Back to Dubai Cleaning after Summer Holidays

  • This year Pamper yourself with a Clean and Sanitized Home Welcome!

    Summer Vacation in Dubai are nearing their end for this year and families that went home and different places for holidays will be returning in the last week of August and the first couple of days in September. Schools will be opening in early September. Back to School is a serious business in Dubai as parents buy books, uniforms and similar items for their children.

    Back to Dubai, Cleaning is a concept that Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai is introducing. What it essentially means is that Families can book the cleaning of their properties while they are still abroad.  Can you imagine that your flight arrives in the wee hours of the morning and you come to a completely dusty home? I am sure you will dread such a scenario. But dust is one essential element of living in Dubai that we have to deal with on daily basis. Since summer months are also highly humid in Dubai, you must have experienced all types of fungal growth in the dark and damp areas of your house if it stays close for few days, let alone few weeks or months! However, from now on you do not have to go through such an experience. Just arrived in a fresh looking and smelling home!steam cleaning services

    Book a  Deep Cleaning Service with Steam Cleaning by Mangrove Cleaning Services. All you have to do is to arrange the keys for us and our Steam-Clean Teams will sparkle clean and sanitize your home before you arrived. We’ll make sure that your home is clean, free of dust and sanitized – eliminating most kinds of bacteria, dust mites, and fungal spores. You can choose to book just deep cleaning of home or even include our special services for Curtains, Mattresses, Carpets, Upholstered Furniture items and Oven etc. Sanitization of other white goods like Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave oven and Washing Machine is included in Deep cleaning. We can also facilitate basic grocery shopping for you should you require us to do that… Just fill out “Request for our Service” form and send to us.