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  • Deep Steam Cleaning Dubai

    Deep Cleaning Dubai defines Mangrove Services, A Cleaning Company in Dubai using Steam Cleaning for Post Construction, Moving In & Spring Cleaning in Dubai. Deep Cleaning is like grooming the whole property inch by inch. It is carried with a view to making it not only squeaking clean but also sanitized. Its Deep Cleaning Services are far superior than what any other Cleaning Company in Dubai offers. We use Steam Cleaning as a Principal method for all kinds of Deep Cleaning Services. Mangrove Services have the credit of coining the term Deep Steam Cleaning that other deep cleaning services in Dubai and other states have started copying. We deliver superior Deep Steam Cleaning services whether it is for Post Construction Cleaning, Moving Cleaning or Spring Cleaning. Therefore when it comes to Deep Cleaning, we are the most relevant Cleaning Company in Dubai. Read more....

  • For Deep Steam Cleaning in Dubai, Mangrove Services is the most relevant Cleaning Company.

  • Why Mangrove Deep Cleaning Dubai

    Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai is a Professional Cleaning Company in Dubai that uses Steam Cleaning Equipment as part of its regular cleaning process. Steam Cleaning Equipment with various accessories is effective in removing dust, dirt, grime and grease build up from all kinds of surfaces. Steam also sanitizes by killing microbes.  Deep Steam Cleaning adds life to Upholstery, Curtains, Carpets and mattresses etc. Steam Cleaning has wide variety of applications. Some of our deep cleaning Dubai services are listed above.

  • Our Services

  • Mangrove Services LLC is The Best Cleaning Company Dubai residents use while Moving in or Moving out of their offices or homes. We understand the needs of our clients and offer a Value Innovation and deliver sparkling clean properties.

  • Whether it is newly constructed Villa or a commercial concern like an Office, Showroom, Restaurant or a Clinic, Post Construction Deep Cleaning of the property is of paramount importance.

  • We are the natural choice of our customers for their Spring or Deep Cleaning needs when the climate changes.

  • Shampoo, extraction, and sanitation by steam clean. Killing dust mites and bacteria in the process. We are probably the only Carpet Cleaning service in Dubai that uses Steam Machines for Carpet Cleaning.

  • Steam cleaning eliminates 99% of all the harmful bacteria and germs that are already been lodging inside your curtains.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing process is an all-natural and chemical-free that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris.

  • Removing stains and killing dust mites, bacteria, and germs that's already been living inside your upholstery.

  • Grout Cleaning With Steam Window/Door Tracks/Channels Cleaning Pressure Washing Marble Floor Polishing Car Interiors Steam Cleaning Painting Services
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    No matter how professional a Steam cleaning outfit is. If they use Mop & Broom as tools to clean homes, they are putting the family's health at risk. A dirty mop does not clean but just spreads the germs around. If they use chemicals to sanitize surfaces, not only families, especially children, are exposed to inhaling dangerous chemicals. And our environment is also at risk. Chemicals destabilize fragile balance in our Ecosystem. we must not experiment with it under any circumstances. [...]

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    Why Deep Cleaning is Important? In a Commercial place like Dubai, when you move in a new house, you got to have a deep clean! It does not matter how clean the house looks once the contractor or landlord hands you over the keys. Depending if you have it built new or have rented the house just now. Deep Cleaning is not about the clean looks only, it is about thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all areas. Where your family, especially children are going to spend most of their time.  If you have [...]

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    Grout Cleaning in Dubai using Steam

    One of the best methods of cleaning Grouts is Steam Cleaning. Mangrove Cleaning Company is leading the charge in Steam Cleaning in Dubai and we pride ourselves as one of the best Grout Cleaning Companies in Dubai. Remember Steam Cleaning is a 100% Green solution. With today's state of the art steam cleaning machines, you do not need to bend your knees and scrub the dirt away. Just call a service like Mangrove Cleaning Services Company Dubai and watch how the dirty black and brown grout lines go [...]

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  • Testimonials

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing job your guys did with my apartment today. It was really dirty due to my tenants not cleaning it for months, and it is now sparkling clean. I am delighted with the very thorough and professional job that they did, and I will most certainly be using your services again.


  • Just to let you know I was very happy with the service I received on Sat. The team worked hard to finish the job on time. Our apartment is very clean and I have been able to recommend your services to my friends.

    Jane O'Neill

  • I just wanted to mention that the guys did a fabulous job at our villa last Wednesday. The floors look brand new! They were very courteous and professional. We will definitely use Mangrove again and recommend your company to our friends. Thank you,

    Noel Cobbett

  • Your cleaning staff were very pleasant, professional and did a good job. As you know there was a little disagreement which was very courteously and professionally handled by your director with a suitable compromise achieved. I would certainly recommend your company to others.

    Mary Baker