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  • Onsite Curtains Steam Ironing

    Onsite Curtains Steam Ironing   Onsite Curtains Steam Ironing is a new service we have added in our repertoire of Steam Cleaning Services. If the curtains are old and or dirty, it makes sense to have them dry cleaned or steam cleaned. However, if you have just moved in a New house and have new curtains installed, they might only be crumpled. You do not need to send them for dry cleaning or ironing to a Laundry shop. Just Call Mangrove Services LLC and we shall send our professionally [...]

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    Villa Exterior Cleaning Services in Dubai

    Villa Exterior Cleaning Services in Dubai As Eid approaches, I am sure you are looking for Villa Exterior Cleaning Services in Dubai. Mangrove Services LLC is the company that offers you that perfect solution for it. We have been delivering stellar cleaning services including Deep Steam Cleaning Services in Dubai. Our customers speak highly of our services. You may check their feedback on Google Reviews   Villa Exterior Cleaning in Dubai What Constitutes Villa Exterior Cleaning [...]

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    Pre Eid Home Cleaning

    Pre Eid Home Cleaning Pre Eid Home Cleaning (including curtains, carpets, upholstery and mattresses etc) is a tradition in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE. Advent of holy month of Ramadan is the start of a festive season for the faithful.  However, the real celebration is on the culmination of Ramadan which is the start of Eid Festivities. The fervor of Ramadan and Eid is shared by all residents (including Non-Muslims) and Nationals of UAE. Pre Eid Home Cleaning is as much part of [...]

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