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  • We Love Cleaning Villas Dubai

    Dubai is back on track, if not surpassed the Pre-Global Economic Crisis levels. New projects are being unveiled, New business are being launched and of course, new residents are moving in Dubai. We are the first witness to all this activity as we are often the first choice Villa Cleaning Company in Dubai for new and old residents alike. Just today we had an ocular inspection of a huge 20-Bed Emirates Hills Villa. Mangrove Cleaning Services is their First Choice Cleaning Company because besides [...]

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    Steam Cleaning Services in Dubai

    Cleaning Companies in Dubai are slowly turning to Steam Cleaning when looking for Deep Cleaning. Mangrove Cleaning Services LLC are the Pioneers of Steam Cleaning in the UAE. This may well be true for the whole Middle East. Steam Cleaning is a perfect solution for Deep Cleaning needs whether for Post Construction Cleaning, Moving in and Moving out Cleaning or Spring Cleaning. Mangrove Cleaning is a steam Cleaning Company that specializes in Deep Cleaning. It does not offer maid services or [...]

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    Can a Dirty Mop Clean? How About Steam Cleaning!

    Say Yes to Steam Cleaning with Steam Machines and No to Chemical based Mop and Bucket style cleaning.  No matter how professional a cleaning outfit is, if they use Mop & Broom as tools to clean homes, they are putting the family's health at risk as a dirty mop does not clean but just spreads the germs around. If they use chemicals to sanitize surfaces, not only families, especially children, are exposed to inhaling dangerous chemicals, but our environment is also at risk.

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