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  • Post Eid Holidays Cleaning of Villas, Upholstery, Curtains & Carpets

    Whether you celebrated Eid in the Dubai, UAE or went out of UAE for holidays, your house may need a thorough deep cleaning post Eid celebrations. What better method of Deep Cleaning than Steam Cleaning and Why not to call Mangrove Cleaning Services for all you Deep Cleaning needs as we are the pioneers of Steam Cleaning in Dubai. No other Cleaning Companies in Dubai, but #MangroveDubai offer Steam Cleaning as the Principal method of Deep Cleaning. Steam Cleaning is a Green Service as [...]

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    Couches, Curtains, Carpets and Holidays Dubai

    As ugly and damaged as they look, they are simply cleanable though. Yes, we have the solution. We shall steam Clean and kill all that mold and fungi and the fungal spores. Walls, if affected badly might need a coat of paint after the steam cleaning. Mangrove is the only company that Steam Cleans Curtains where they are hanging, in your house and without removing them. We shall help you with both Steam Cleaning and Painting. Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai deals with these problems every year [...]

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    Mangrove in Press

    Mangrove Cleaning Services was featured in Clean Middle East - a business-to-business magazine with the very idea of furthering the business through its proactive approach, informative content and penetrating market reach. Here's what the article was about: Steam cleaning: effective and chemical-free Can a dirty mop clean effectively? Is chemicals part of the solution or pose a problem? How can we conserve water? Such questions led the cleaning team at Mangrove Facilities [...]

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