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  • Public Toilets and the Condition of Grouting

    This picture here is of our office building's Public Toilet. If you go in it looks like a 5-star toilet. However, the moment you look at the Floor and the Grouting Lines, you know it is not being cleaned properly. When I took it up with the cleaner, he was embarrassed and told me that he would do a better job. I see him working at least 3 times a day but the condition is still the same. He came up with the logic that the bathroom is sanitized as he uses Chemicals that kill the germs. I [...]

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    Deep Cleaning with Steam Cleaning in Dubai

    Cleaning Companies in Dubai are slowly turning to Steam Cleaning when looking for Deep Cleaning. Mangrove Cleaning Services LLC are the Pioneers of Steam Cleaning in the UAE. This may well be true for the whole Middle East. Steam Cleaning is a perfect solution for Deep Cleaning needs whether for Post Construction Cleaning, Moving in and Moving out Cleaning or Spring Cleaning. Mangrove Cleaning is a steam Cleaning Company that specializes in Deep Cleaning. It does not offer maid services or [...]

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    Scared of Infections at Work Place in #Dubai?

    If you need Periodic Deep Cleaning of office in Dubai, Mangrove Cleaning Service is the most relevant Cleaning Company in Dubai as we Steam Clean Commercial and Residential Facilities in Dubai. Periodic Steam Cleaning helps in reducing exposure to contagious diseases and infections.

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