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  • Cleaning Al Barari Villas in Dubai

    It seems Albarari Villas are attracting great interest from those who are looking to move in a top of the notch living community. Three 6-bedroom villas in one week is dream of any and all Cleaning Companies in Dubai. It seems there is huge expansion of the community going on and I can understand why. The Community is designed with a Luxury loving Resident in mind. The Green Drive, the peaceful environment and a very cooperative yet very demanding security office creates a very viable Natural[...]

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    Couches, Curtains, Carpets and Holidays in Dubai

    Whether it is residential Villas and Apartments or Commercial places like Offices, Showrooms, Restaurants, Cafes, and  Clinics etc. we have to deal with the cleaning of Couches, Curtains, and Carpets in Dubai slightly different than other places in the world. There is always dust in the air in the predominantly desert city of high rises! Then there are high levels of humidity in summer months especially July August & September. Unfortunately for many of us Expats living in Dubai when we [...]

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