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  • Post Construction Cleaning in Dubai

    Whether it is newly constructed Villa or a commercial concern like an Office, Showroom, Restaurant or a Clinic, Post Construction Cleaning of the property is of paramount importance.  Deep cleaning after construction is however a very technical subject. There are few things that are important to consider before awarding the contract to a Cleaning Company.  You must ask the contender company what equipment it has to Clean and sanitize the following areas; Dust Settled in Hidden Areas[...]

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    Our mission: When you are working on Cleaning Projects in Dubai with Building Contractors. Or Fit-out Companies who are working with Tight timelines with their customers. You are bound to walk on tightropes as a cleaning company. But being subcontractors to good companies is a great privilege. Sometimes your contractor asks you to estimate a site that is under construction.  Even with the most optimistic estimate you are convinced that the site is going to take at least a week to ten days [...]

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    Bragging Rights

    Mangrove Cleaning Services: Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C. Dubai is proud to announce a brilliant 2013. We increased our revenues more than 2.5 times at the closing on 31/12/2013. The year was also very significant as we shifted our focus back to our strengths i.e., Deep Cleaning Services using Steam Cleaning Technology. We mustered the courage to... Not to renew the periodic service contracts that we had with our clients Decline Janitorial Service Requests Decline Maid Service [...]

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