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  • Cleaning Companies in Dubai and Mangrove Dubai

    We are a Deep Cleaning Company, That's right we are Experts in One-Time Cleaning! You may call us for Spring Cleaning, Move in or Move Out Cleaning and Yes we are very relevant if you're looking for After-construction Cleaning Services for a Villa. We operate in Old Town, Down Town Dubai, Jumeira, Umm Squeim, Alwasal area, Palm Jumeira, JBR, Dubai Marina, Emirates Living, Meadows, Emirates Hills, Springs, Greens Community, Jumeira Village Circle, Jumeira Village Triangle, Jumeira Village Circle,[...]

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    Potential Breeding Grounds for Bacteria, Dustmites & Bugs

      Steam Cleaning: Public Places like Mosques, Churches, Cinemas, Theaters, Majlises, Community Halls etc. They need steam cleaning for Carpets and Upholstered items periodically and regularly. Wherever there are lot of Carpets, Upholstered items, and people gather regularly. These places are the potential breeding grounds for Bacteria, Dust mites, Fungal Spores and Bed bugs etc. These places, are normally dark and not properly ventilated. You might clean them but they need proper [...]

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    Cleaning for a Multicultural, Multilingual Dubai

    Cleaning Industry: I don't know if there is anyone else in the Cleaning Industry in Dubai who can say they are enjoying this business. We do! We are probably the only exception. There are many who look at us in disbelief when we say that we are enjoying the journey enormously. Cleaning Services in Dubai is normally looked at as a business that involves handling a large number of workforce, their accommodation, a fleet of vehicles and loads of customer complaints. We don't claim that we don't [...]

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