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  • New to Dubai? Ask if you are not confident about something!

    Cleaning services In UAE: "I wish I knew it earlier", "Only if I had met you before", "I did not know that - I am new to Dubai" .... these are some of the most frequent expressions that we hear from our clients who have just moved to Dubai. Sometimes it is regarding delays while dealing with Government bodies like DEWA (Dubai Water and Electricity Authority), Etisalat, Du etc. for Service Connection, sometimes it is regarding delays by contractors in performing agreed jobs and sometimes it is [...]

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    Back to Dubai Cleaning after Summer Holidays

    This year Pamper yourself with a Clean and Sanitized Home Welcome! Summer Vacation in Dubai are nearing their end for this year and families that went home and different places for holidays will be returning in the last week of August and the first couple of days in September. Schools will be opening in early September. Back to School is a serious business in Dubai as parents buy books, uniforms and similar items for their children. Back to Dubai, Cleaning is a concept that Mangrove Cleaning[...]

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