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  • Steam Cleaning Boats & Yachts in Dubai

    Own a Boat in Dubai? How about Cleaning your Boat? Do you hire maids/cleaners or hire the services of a Professional Boat Cleaning Company in Dubai? Mangrove Cleaning Services offer Steam Cleaning Services for following interiors in your boat or Yacht or a Tug Boat: Carpeting Bulkheads Upholstery Headliner Mattresses Cushions Ordinary maid service might clean your boat superficially. However, always exposed to moist conditions, interiors are susceptible to develop all [...]

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    I have a Dream that one day...

    Company Vision: Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C. Dubai will be an employer of choice for cleaners, support staff, and management team alike in UAE. And other countries where we chose to operate. We have a dream that one day our cleaners and Painters will be the ones with the highest self-respect in Dubai or elsewhere. I have a dream that one day our cleaners & painters will live in their own private Studio Apartments instead of living in groups in a room. I have a dream that one day [...]

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    Curtain Steam Cleaning in Dubai

    This summer we are very busy in steam cleaning of curtains in Dubai. Residents of Villas in Alwarqa, Mirdif, Mizhar, and Muhaisna etc. Which are mostly Emirati families, are our newest customers for Curtain Cleaning. Curtain Cleaning in Dubai has been domain of Dry Cleaning companies so far but not anymore! Mangrove is proud to bring Steam Cleaning of Curtains to your doorsteps. Now our Clients don't have to take the curtains off their windows. Don't have to sleep for a couple of nights [...]

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    Steam Cleaning Of Carpets in a Mosque in Dubai

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Places of worship like mosques receive thousands of worshipers every month in Dubai and other States in the UAE. After Wadoo (Abolution) people walk on the areas with wet and bare feet. And then we place our forehead on the carpets while in "sujood" with nose touching the carpets. Essentially we are touching and sniffing the carpet that might contain all kinds of bacteria and dust mites. These carpets must be "Sanitized" in addition to being cleaned. Carpet Shampooing [...]

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