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  • Hotel Mattresses & Steam Cleaning

    Commercial Cleaning How clean are hotel mattresses where chances are that every night will bring in a new guest? How frequently they treat their mattresses to ensure that their guests sleep in comfort and not in discomfort. This discomfort can be from Dust Mites that thrive in Mattresses. Millions of dead skin cells are shredded by sleeping guests. Hotel Housekeeping Staff must pay attention to such details. It is strongly recommended that they should keep their mattresses, upholstered items, [...]

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    Sleeping With The Enemy, Steam clean Mattresses

    We were asked to Steam clean Mattresses in a Hotel in Dubai. The concerned Manager told me that it's important to have the Mattresses, Rugs, and Curtains, in a Hotel Room, Steam Cleaned at least once a year. I decided to make a little research. ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY? In the process, I read a very informative article "ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY?" in the website of Chase Carpet Care - an American company. I thought it was as relevant to our Cleaning Industry's Customers in Dubai [...]

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