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  • When Do you need a Deep Clean of your House?

    Why Deep Cleaning is Important? In a Commercial place like Dubai, when you move in a new house, you got to have a deep clean! It does not matter how clean the house looks once the contractor or landlord hands you over the keys. Depending if you have it built new or have rented the house just now. Deep Cleaning is not about the clean looks only, it is about thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all areas. Where your family, especially children are going to spend most of their time.  If you have [...]

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    Grout Cleaning in Dubai using Steam

    One of the best methods of cleaning Grouts is Steam Cleaning. Mangrove Cleaning Company is leading the charge in Steam Cleaning in Dubai and we pride ourselves as one of the best Grout Cleaning Companies in Dubai. Remember Steam Cleaning is a 100% Green solution. With today's state of the art steam cleaning machines, you do not need to bend your knees and scrub the dirt away. Just call a service like Mangrove Cleaning Services Company Dubai and watch how the dirty black and brown grout lines go [...]

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    Can a Dirty Mop Clean? How about Steam Cleaning!

    Say Yes to Steam Cleaning with Steam Machines and No to Chemical based Mop and Bucket style cleaning.  No matter how professional a cleaning outfit is. If they use Mop & Broom as tools to clean homes, they are putting the family's health at risk as a dirty mop does not clean but just spreads the germs around. If they use chemicals to sanitize surfaces. They are risk for our families.  Our environment is also at risk. Chemical Effects: Chemicals destabilize fragile balance in our [...]

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